I’ve written about Ez eSports Betting before and this post is to introduce you all to a sports category that I’m sure a lot of you will be interested in. I’m talking about their Hot Sports Babes category.

You can see by some of the social shares statistics that this category is becoming very popular. The initial Hot Sports Babes post, which was only posted a couple of weeks ago, has already received over 3000 views!

The latest hot sport babes post featured a really nice collage of some sexy, spunky NFL cheerleaders. It looks like this is going to be a regular feature of the site. I reckon there’s a whole lot of guys out there who are really happy there will be a lot of hot sports babes updates.

Here’s just one of the great looking images you’ll find on that site.

Hot Sports Cheerleaders


It’s no secret that people love their sports. It’s also no secret that more and more people are getting into sports betting. IN the old days the only way to do this for Aussies was to go to the local TAB. Or if they were at the races they had to find a bookie or to join the queue to place a bet. This meant leaving their seat and join the jostling crowds.

These days it is all so much easier because of the Internet. There are a lot of online sports betting sites that you can join. The question is which one to join? This is a very important question because not all online betting sites is the same. Some are better than others and some may be outright scams!

Luckily there is a new site called EZ eSports Betting, that has been developed, by yours truly nonetheless, whose aim is to research different online betting sites.

online sports betting

So far I’ve joined sportingbet so that I can have a punt on the AFL. I backed my favourite team, the Crows, last week and lost but I have to admit, even though I lost it made the game more exciting. lol

This week I’ve backed the Crows again. I’ve written a quick review of sportingbet with an image taken from my iPhone sportingbet app.

If you’re interested in joining the throng of people who are enjoying having a punt on their favourite sport, then you should check that post out,

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Sports are an important part of many peoples lives. For some it’s Aussie Rules or AFL, for others it might be Tennis, soccer, or football for you Pommies. Sometimes what makes things more interesting is when you can place a small bet on your favourite team.

There’s an interesting post on Online Sport Betting which I found to be quite interesting. It raved on about the William Hill’s betting site stating how secure it was because it’s been around for years.

I had a quick look around and the thing that impressed me was it was pretty well a one stop inline betting site. Not only can you bet on any sport, anywhere in the world, you also have access to other betting portals, like bingo, slots, poker and the like.

William HillThe EuroGrand Casino really looked quite impressive. Something else that I found to be really interesting is the Live Casino. The live casino looks really cool. Unlike your normal run of the mill online casino William Hill’s live casino offer real life people running the tables. You even get the live background noise so that you feel like you’re actually there, even though your playing from the comfort of your home.

I personally think more and more people are going to place their bets online, especially considering the time starved life most people lead. What about you? Have you ever placed your bets online and if so what is your experience of it.

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Hey guys! Do you like a good laugh? You do? Great, then you should head on over to WassupBlog and check out the Friday Funnies category. Friday Funnies is a weekly post and has proved to be very popular. Each post includes a joke, and funny image of Sexy Sals blonde jokes and a funny video.

Here is a sample of what Sexy Sals Blonde jokes has to offer.

IntroducingFriday Funnies And Laughaholics

Sexy Sals blonde joke

As for the videos, here is a sample from the Laughaholics series.

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Did you know that you can buy your lottery tickets online? Better than that did you know that you can buy a lottery ticket from outside the country you’re now living in? I bet you didn’t. Well, you can!

As an Aussie I can’t tell you the times I’ve listened to the news about some huge jackpot that’s happening somewhere else in the world. Like the US PowerBall that was drawn a few weeks back. You know the one, where the prize pool was worth over $600 million. From memory an elderly woman won the whole lot.

Or the EuroMillions that was drawn a few days back. That one was worth 185 million Euros! Man there was a time when I used to wish I could buy one of those tickets and had a chance at winning the big one. Well, that dream is now a reality because I’ve now worked out how to do it. It all started off with being able to buy lottery tickets in any of the Australian lotteries and then progressed to being able to buy a ticket in any of the world’s major lotteries.

It then came to me that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know you could get your lottery tickets online. So I put together a site that listed all the sites that I used to get my lottery tickets online. That site is called Get Online Lottery.

get lottery tickets online

You should check it out. It lists several sites that allow you to buy your lottery tickets online. I’m a member of all of them so I have tried, tested and am happy that they are completely legitimate.