Google’s deadline on mobile friendly sites is fast approaching. If your site isn’t mobile friendly by April 21st your search engine standing will be penalised. That means even if your site was ranking on the first page of Google you will be sent to the back of the line letting all the mobile friendly sites take your spot.

If your running a blog having a mobile friendly site is as easy as changing your theme. I run all my themes on FlexSqueeze2. I’ve made a couple of videos just to show you how good and mobile friendly FlexSqueeze2 is. The first one shows you what makes FlexSqueeze2 so mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly FlexSqueeze2

The second video shows how I converted my two websites to FlexSqueeze 2 so that they were mobile friendly.

Converting Old Website To New Mobile Friendly Website

What’s that? You’d love to see the difference between the old and new sites. I’m so glad you asked.

This is what the old site used to look like. I decided to keep it live as it would resolve any 404 errors. Notice how I left a message so people will know of the new site with a link pointing to it.

This is what the new surveys page looks like. I don’t know about you but I reckon it looks heaps better than the old one. Not only that, because it runs on the WordPress platform it’s also a hell of a lot easier to update. I didn’t update the old site because it was too much of a hassle. Not so with the new one. I reckon now I can actually get better search results because of all the new information I can add to it.

The question now is what are you going to do to make your sites mobile friendly? If you do decide to take the FlexSqueeze2 route now would be a good time because there is a special on and you can save $30. Get your FlexSqueeze2 before the special runs out.


Have you ever gone to a website that’s in another language and used a service such as Google Translate to translate it for you? I have and I sometimes wonder how accurate the translation really is. There have been times when I wanted to write a small not to my relatives in Italy and I’ve used one of the online translation services. Now my Italian isn’t the best but even I know the translation wasn’t as accurate as it should be. I try to fix it up as best as I can and I send it off thinking, ‘Oh well, better than nothing.’

Now while this sort of translation service is good enough for translating websites or for small notes to relatives overseas they’re no where good enough for those important translation tasks. I’m talking about important letters that need to be flawlessly translated because anything less could cost you the business.

Rosetta Online Translation Service

One online translation service that I’ve come across is Rosetta Translations. I’ve had a quick look at their website and it’s extremely easy to navigate to relative pages. They appear to offer translations in all the major languages which is a good thing. I’m assuming that they’re good at what they do because they’re willing to provide their services for the following.

  • Legal translation
  • Financial translation
  • Technical translation
  • Medical translation

I think it’s important that they guarantee their work and the fact that they’re a member of the UK Association of Translation Companies ( and the American Translators Association ( adds to their credentials.

If you’ve used Rosetta’s Translation services I’d be thrilled if you left a comment telling me what you thought of them.


Best Posts Roundup

You probably don’t know that this isn’t my only blog. Nope, I’ve actually got quite a few blogs although I don’t have the time to update them all regularly. I’ll include a list of all my blogs at the end of this post.

When I do get to write a post on them though I occasionally come up with one or two pretty interesting posts. I thought it would be a great idea to post some of my best posts here.

Exposing The Truth About Thesis V2.03

I’ve done 2 posts exposing what I believe to be the truth about a theme I used to use. One on my Load Of Bullshit blog and the other on WassupBlog. What I am really wrapped about is that both post appear at the top of Googles search engine.

best posts

Ditto for the image search. Actually a lot of the images I design using the Logo Creator rank pretty well in the search engines. Naturally that doesn’t have anything to do with the Logo Creator as it’s more to do with alt tags and such.

best posts2


I’m actually really wrapped that they’re ranking so well.

Talking about my Load of Bullshit blog. I wrote an expose just the other day about MOBE. After doing a bit of research I came to the conclusion, if it looks like a duck, sound like a duck it’s probably a duck. There are a lot of people out there promoting MOBE but it’s not something that I would be able to promote and still be able to sleep at night.

I’ve done a few posts on hot sports babes and the latest one that went viral is the one on Hot Sports Babe Athletes in Body Paint.

I’ve also produced a couple of cool YouTube videos. The most popular one is the Perfectly Timed Photos Of Sports Women. Another video that I like is the tutorial on how to create a reflection of an image using the Logo Creator. That’s the same Logo Creator that I used to create those images that are ranking well in Google.

That’s it for this best post roundup.

Here’s the list of my blogs that I promised you.

  1. A Loving Memorial: A blog that came about after the death of Josie Zollo, my beautiful sister-in-law.
  2. WellBlogMe: My first blog which I originally started because I read that Google loved changing content and I figured a blog was the way to do it. As this blog was part of my The Elusive Pot Of Gold domain I thought that any PR gained by the blog would pas onto the main site and I reckon it did.
  3. SBizzTech: My third blog was a journey into sharing my experience in the business and technology sector. My technology knowledge is rather limited but I thought it necessary to give me a leg in gaining some ‘paid post’ opportunity in this field. Paid Posts are where you get paid to write posts for companies and are virtual ‘blogging ads’, something which I feel is a necessary evil for earning money in this world of ours.
  4. What A Load Of Bullshit: I started this in an effort to expose as much of the scam, spam, rip off merchants and as much crap as possible that is happening in this world of ours in order that it will affect less people.
  5. Scenic Adelaide: My first photo blog where I proudly display photos of Adelaide and surrounding districts. Also has reviews of restaurants and cafes that I sometimes frequent.
  6. Photos2Blog: My full on photo blog. I started this so that I could show off the photos that would not fit into my Scenic Adelaide blog. Where possible I try to pass on relevant information about each photo as well as any tips I can pass on.
  7. Top Software Online: This one is relatively new and is all about reviewing products that I’m offering on my online software store.
  8. Top Sexual Aids: My latest blog and probably the closest I will ever get to a niche blog, but if you have to have a niche blog it may as well be about sex, right? lol
  9. Buy Online Lotto Tickets: A brand spanking new blog that I hope will build my residual income.
  10. The Gifts Guru: I started this niche blog to capitalise on the WP Zon Builder plugin
  11. Get Online Lottery Tickets: After the success of my last lottery site I started this one so I can increase the earning potential by targeting different keywords.
  12. EZ eSports Betting: Another niche blog. Why not when the last ones are doing so well

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There are photos and there are photos. Sometimes a photographer manages to snap a pic at just the right time and they capture something special. Sometimes that particular photo can be quite revealing or with the right captioning quite funny.

Sometimes those pictures capture some pretty hot sports women. It took me over a day to find enough of those photos, and I mean high quality photos not those little crappy ones, to make a video for my Sports Betting Site.

The quality of those photos are so good that you can even watch em in full screen and still  be able to enjoy them.

Don’t forget to head on over to YouTube so you can give the video a thumbs up.

Do you like hot sports women? If there was a poll being taken for the hottest sports babe you’d want to take part in it wouldn’t you? Of course you would.

Luckily for you, EZ eSports Betting has a poll for the hottest sports babes! All the women in the poll have been featured in one of the hot Sports Babes posts.

If you haven’t heard of a particular hot sports sheila the post has links to each of the hot sports babes. Learn about who they are and see exactly what makes them hot.

What I love about the hot sports women EZ eSports Betting is that all the sexy images of these hot sports women are really tastefully done.

Don’t forget to share that post with your social media friends too. The more people that vote the better the results for the poll.

Well! What are you waiting for? Go and vote! 😉