Blogging For Money, Part III

Probably the next most important step is to promote or get exposure for your blog. Obviously the best way of doing this is to write good content as this will bring not only return visitors but may also lead to them actually linking to your blog. These one way links are highly prized by Google.

Submit your blogs to as many directories as you can. You can find a whole heap of them here. If you can get blogs that also have RSS feeds like WordPress I highly recommned these as they are easier to market. RSS is short for Real simple syndication and is an easy way to distribute content via the Internet.  This is the RSS feed for this blog and you can see how it is a more simplified version of the blog.

You need to let these services know that you have updated your blog and you do this by pinging them. Once notified by the ‘ping’ they then crawl your blog and update their database.

Build a link base with other blogs and websites. it’s easier to swap links if you have a link directory such as Reciprocal Links Pro. There is also a great free version from Duncan Carver. If you don’t host your own blog, you need one such as Blogger that will let you add links to blogs. Unfortunately this is not the best option as by adding too many links you detract from the look of the blog.

Visit other blogs and leave good quality content with your blog address as your signature, this not only provides a link back to your blog but may well lead to visitors of your own. This can be also done in forums etc.

It may take a little time but it will be well worth it!

Well Blog Me! Web Hosting

Blogging For Money, Part II

Ok, so you have decided you are going to start some blogs so that you can get a part of the Blogging Cash that’s circulating around the world wide web. It is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons that you think carefully about the name of your blog. I suggest you follow this LINK which is a great article explaining the importance of keywords.

Once you have your blogs up and running you should join the following sites.

  • This is a fantastic site. Unfortunately they will not accept new blogs so you will have to work at it for awhile getting exposure. More on this later. Blogitive does have one requirement and that is that all blogs put their feeds through This is a free service, and will assure that your blog’s content is syndicated through the Web effectively. They pay $5 a post.  This is an example of a Blogitive post.
  • is another company that allows you to generate extra income from your blog. You can actually set your limit between $5 – $10 per post. Naturally if you select the lower amount you will get extra tasks. The reason you will get paid for the posts is because Advertisers want you to talk about their websites and products etc. in your blog. This is an example of a Blogsvertise post.
  • Blogging Ads is another great site that will help you make money while blogging. This one is unique in that they will offer you the choice of either selecting one of their ads (a simple cut and paste job) or you can write one of your own. A Blogging Ad example.
  • Review Me This site allows bloggers to get paid to review products and services on your site. You actually control what you review. You can submit your site for free and if accepted you can get paid from $20 – $200 for each review. No examples for this one as I haven’t been accepted yet.
  • PayPerPost is a fantastic site with lots of opportunities to make money. You can do three posts per day and the amount of money per post can depend on your Google PR rating. I’ve seen posts advertised for Bloggers with a PR7 where advertisers were paying $1000 for one post. You can become an affiliate by clicking on this badge.

    You can even join and earn $7.50 by reviewing this post by clicking on this badge.

    I will do updates as they become available. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Blogging For Money, Part 1

First off you have three choices in that you can host your own site,  you can join one of the many free blogs available on the net, or you can have a combination of both. I actually have seven blogs, two of which I host on lunarpages. These are Well Blog Me! and the blog you’re reading at the moment. You will notice that both blogs have Google Ads displayed prominently which provide a nice passive income. Now if you’re able to host  your own blog I recommend you do so as not many sites who allow you free blogs offer you this facility. If you’re not a member of Google Adsense you can join by clicking on the icon to the right.

Here are a list of sites that offer you free blogging software.

  1. WordPress (which is the one I use)
  2. b2Evolution
  3. SubText
  4. Blosxom
  5. LifeType

These are some of the free sites that let you host your own blog.

  1. BloggerParty
  2. BlogFeast
  3. WritingUp
  4. BlogCharm
  5. Blogger

Edit: Sites like writingup, blogfeast and bloggerparty are no longer accepted by some sites.

The last two are unique in that they allow you to have your own google ads on your blogs. My next post will touch on companies that pay you to blog and some of their requirements.


Before we go any further we need to know what a blog is.

Basically a blog is short for weblog, which is really an online journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated (ergo it’s SEO appeal) and intended for general public readership. Blogs can be personal, or they may provide a commentary of regular world news. Companies even use blogs to provide their customers with reliable updates of their products or services. Companies also use blogs as effective marketing tools.

So technically blogs can be used to record anything that you like, but we must keep in mind that the more interesting we make it the more of a readership you will acquire and the more potential you will have at making some spare cash. I can see you sitting there wondering what you can blog about. It can be about anything at all.

·  Do you have a hobby you are passionate about? Imagine how many other    people in the world share the same passion.

·  Perhaps you have some expertise you can share with others.

·  Experienced mothers may want to share their experience with new mothers.

·  Perhaps you’re a budding photographer and would like to share some of prized   photos with a bit of a commentry.

·  Going on a holiday, then what a perfect time to share your experiences with others.

As you can see the world is your virtual blogging oyster. Next I will show you how to start your first blog.

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and at first I must admit it was a SEO tactic so that my site The Elusive Pot Of Gold would get a higher PR ranking with the search engines. This was going on the common assumption that search engines loved changing content, and a blog was the best way of doing this.

Since then I have learnt that you can make quite good money by blogging on the net and I aim to show you how. I do not plan to charge you for the information, yet please take into consideration the time and effort to not only source the information, but to test it and to put it all down here for you.

When your money starts to come in (as it will if you follow my guidelines) you may consider making a small donation by clicking on my paypal icon on the top left of the page.