Those who know me know that I’m always on the look out to make money online. They also know that I’m always more than willing to share those ideas with you, my readers. The biggest problem that people have generating an online income is having something to sell. That’s why many turn to affiliate marketing.

Many don’t like affiliate marketing though and so some have turned to Amazon or eBay in order to promote products to sell online. I’ve had a little success with Amazon but I’ve found their commission structure a little low. I mean a 4% commission rate is really pretty pitiful.

Thats why I was pleasantly surprised when I can across the  Xpress Stores Pro plugin. Using this plugin I was able to start my very own online store promoting products from the popular and growing AliExpress site. You can do the same once you’ve joined them as an affiliate via their AliExpress Portal portal. I suggest you do this before buying the Xpress Stores Pro plugin and the introductory price of $47!

I’ve already opened up 4, brand new online stores offering a wide range of products to my potential customers. Here’s the stores I’ve opened so far.

  • The Gifts Guru Gift Store: My first ever online store offering heaps of gift ideas.
  • EZ e Sports Store: This one concentrates on sports orientated goods.
  • Best Sex Toys: I have high hopes for this one because I know how big the sex toys market is.
  • Wassup Top Shopping: This store is attached to my favourite blog and carries a wide range of goods from toys to electronics.

What I love about these stores is I don’t have to worry about drop shipping or handling any of the sales. I just send people to AliExpress who handles all the hard stuff and then sends me my commissions.

I’ve even put together a video to show how easy it is to start up your very own online store.

Naturally you will need to host these stores online and I have several hosting sites that I use and recommend.

  1. Lunar Pages:You can host your online shop with these guys for only $4.95 per month. Thats only $59.40 per year. You also get a free domain for the first year.
  2. GreenGeeks: If you’re looking for a “Green” host then there’s none better than GreenGeeks whose basic plan starts at only $3.96 per month or $47.52 per year.
  3. Hostgator: Hostgators $5.56 per month plan or $66.72 per year is probably the most expensive but they’re one of the biggest web hosts out there and therefore very reliable.
  4. Web hosting Pad: These guys have the cheapest hosting rates at only $1.99 per month. That’s only $23.88 per year! My Sex Toys shop is hosted with them.
  5. Inmotion Hosting: My favourite hosting provider! Although you can get shared hosting for $5.99 per month I’m paying around $40 per month for VPS Hosting. I’ve had to do that because the sites I host with them outgrew the shared hosting platform.

Naturally you need a decent theme for your shopfront and while there are free ones available I decided to use the FlexSqueeze2 which I’ve found to be exceptional. That video will show you some of the unique features of the FlexSqueeze2 theme.

As you can see you can start your very own store for under $180. Subsequent years it will cost you even less because you only have to bear the cost of the theme and plugin once.

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