I’ve got a lot of blogs which makes it pretty difficult to keep them regularly updated. I do my best though and every now and again I like to post about the most interesting posts on each of my popular blogs.

WassupBlog Interesting Posts

Wassupblog has to be most popular blog. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my latest link cloaking plugin. That post explains the benefits of having what is probably the best link cloaking plugin out there. That plugin is WP Link Shield.

By far WassupBlog’s most popular posts are the Friday Funnies posts.

EZeSportsBetting Most Interesting Posts

As for my online sports betting site the most popular posts would have to be the Hot Sport Babes posts. Another popular post is the Million Dollar Tipping post. I suppose the reason that one is so popular is because its free and everyone would love a chance at winning a million dollars.

Load Of Bullshit Interesting Posts

My Load of Bullshit Blog is all about exposing all the bullshit that’s happening in the world today. I love this blog because at times I get to vent my frustration with all the crap out there. A good example would be my post on Political Bullshit. There’s also the one on Gillian Triggs winning the Bullshit Artist award.

Apart from my blogging I also produce YouTube videos in the hope some of them will go viral and make me a lot of money. Not much luck lately but at least I’m making over $20 a month.

Having said that my Perfectly Timed Photos Of Sportswomen is doing pretty well. That prompted me into producing 35 Perfectly Timed Photos In Sport, Probably my favourite video of late would be the Zack’s Antics one. It may not be funniest dog video out there but I had a lot of fun making that video.

That’s it for my most interesting posts roundup. Sure hope you get to visit some of those links.

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