The trouble with your normal everyday portable hard drive is that any valuable information stored on it is not safe. When you consider how portable hard drives are becoming so popular these days especially since the price has come down to a more affordable level, one wonders how safe and secure the information stored on there is especially for the professional or businessman.

If the data you store on these removable drives is confidential, the sort that you do not want to get into the wrong hands, you really would want to make sure that there is a way of locking that information away from prying eyes. If you didn’t, can you just imagine what could happen if you lost the drive, or worse yet it was stolen? So, does that mean that you can’t ever use the these storage devices that can make life so much easier?

The answer is of course you can if you purchase the Data Locker which is a patented secure USB portable external hard drive. This external hard drive is so unique that it features a platform that has independent password protection, on that is built in to the drive enclosure. This means you do not need any software or drivers. Possibly the best form of security that you could wish for.

Data Locker

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My iPod Touch Safari Won’t Work

I was absolutely thrilled when I got a brand spanking new iPod Touch for Christmas. This little piece if technology is bloody marvelous and I could not fault it until yesterday when all of a sudden I couldn’t load any web page via Safari. I checked the connection and that seemed fine as I was able to download applications and everything but Safari just seemed to be frozen and I couldn’t work out how to fix it and so I resorted to phoning the Apple techies. This is what they had me do to resolve the problem.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click on Reset.
  4. Click on Reset All Settings.
  5. Then Click on Reset All Settings. You will have to do this twice. This will reset the iPod Touch to the original factory settings so you will lose some saved information like wifi settings and stuff, but you will keep any apps you have downloaded as well as contacts etc.

The iPod Touch should then reboot and should come back on after several minutes. If it doesn’t then press the on and menu button simultaneously.
Another solution that may work if the above didn’t do the trick would be to give yourself a static setting for your iPod and home Wifi.  normally it is set to DHCP by default so click on Static.

Now edit the settings manually…using the info from your home wifi router.

Once done, you should get a strong connection and will no longer have unable to open page errors.

Here is a couple more links that you may find of use.

  1. How To reset Your iPod
  2. If Your iPod Freezes Or Has No Power

I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. If you think you have a solution that others would be willing to pay for then you may want to join MediaPass.


MasterCard’s Banned Commercial

Something that most business operators, especially those in retail, use is ability to accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. Naturally all these credit companies compete for business and use many avenues to promote their product.

One such way is of course via TV commercials. Unfortunately many commercials never make it to air, or do and then get banned because some people find the ad offensive. This is one such commercial that was banned. Offensive? I don’t thinks so, but it is bloody funny. What do you think?

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In Search Of A Digital Video Camera

Thanks to blogging I’m in the market to by another toy. I’ve already bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX50 and now I’m looking at getting a digital video camera. Seeing how the last camera I bought, Sony DCR TRV 120E Digital 8 Video Cam was years ago I thought I should do some research. You know it really pisses me off that everything is so technical out there. It would be so much easier if they would explain it all in layman terms, It doesn’t help when everything is abbreviated and they expect you to know what it all means. It’s all about CCD, HDV, DVC and on it goes.

It seemed obvious that I had to move to the digital era, as analogue is so old hat. Basically I’ve got the choice of DV tape, (Digital Video) DVD or Hard Disk. I wasn’t too thrilled about the tape as I thought it was the same as analogue but apparently the quality is excellent. The fact that the information is all digitally recorded on the tape there is no loss in transferring the film to computer so it can be edited.

Then there is the DVD option, which is where the camera records straight onto DVD. There were some out there that said the quality wasn’t as good as DV tape, but the major drawback for me was that if you were to record in high definition you would only get roughly 20 minutes recording time on a DVD.

Then we come to cameras with built in hard drives. Again there are some that said that the quality wasn’t as good as DV tape but then I came across some ‘user reviews’ where owners swore that the quality was better. What I like about the hard drive version is that there is no need to carry spare tapes or DVDs around. Again depending on the camera and the quality of the recording you can record from 7 to well over 30 hours. On some cameras you can also edit footage right from the camera itself.

OK, so now that I’ve decided on the hard drive format all I need to work out is what camera. Stay tuned.

The LandLord From HELL!!!

I used to be a landlord once and I can safely say that I have had ‘tenants’ from hell. I do not however doubt that there are many landlords from hell and the following video will prove this point.

The Landlord

Not quite what you expected was it?

When in busines, and renting property is a business, you need to get along with your tenants. As long as they pay the rent and cause no damage let em be. If on the other hand they are the other sort, cut your losses and turf them out.

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