Use Tweet Whistle To Help Follow The Right Tweeters

We all know how powerful Twitter is as a social media site. It’s popularity stems from the fact that It allows you to connect to a wide range of people and yet a lot of people just aren’t satisfied with it. There could be many reason for this. Perhaps they’re not getting enough followers, or perhaps they haven’t given themselves the time to get used to how it all works. Then again perhaps it’s because they are not following the right people.

To get the most out of Twitter you really need to be following those who are like minded. Those who are interested in the same things that you are because you will find it a lot easier conversing, conversationally and profitably, with people who are of the same opinions as yourself.

The problem is that it’s all too hard and time consuming, if not impossible to find these people all on your own. What is needed is something that will do all the hard work for you. Tweet Whistle will do just that. It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking to grow your personal account or your more serious about it and want to grow you online business, then this program could be just what you’re looking for.

I haven’t tried it as yet but this excerpt is from the guys who’ve put it together.

Twitter has quickly become an important marketing channel for today’s online users and marketers. Figuring out how to gain new and relevant followers however, can be a challenge. Trying to manually sort through prospects one by one would be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Tweet Whistle will do the work for you.

Tweet Whistle’s intuitive and succinct user interface will help you through the entire Tweeting process. Start off by setting how you would like the program to search for prospective followers. Search for users based on keywords in their bios or Tweets, references, attitudes, follows and more.

Search Features:

  • Tweet keywords
  • Bio keywords
  • Location
  • Users who display a certain attitude
  • Users who have referenced other people
  • Followers of other users


  • Works with an unlimited number of accounts
  • Check the current or weekly trends
  • Find out who has mentioned your profile
  • Save and Load profile lists
  • Manage all of your direct messages from one location
  • Automatically send follows, unfollows, Tweets, RSS Tweets, messages and direct messages to new followers
  • Manage safe lists of users not to unfollow
  • Automatically follow users back
  • Automatic software updates

Broaden your horizons and add new like minded followers with this powerful Twitter marketing solution.

Now you’re probably thinking something like that will cost you an arm and a leg. Well it won’t. Normally it would set you back $39.95 but they’ve reduced it for a short time only so that you can buy Tweet Whistle for only $25.97.

Still not convinced? Then why not take it for a test spin by downloading the trial version. If it turns out you really like it you can always purchase it later. Here’s a little screen shot.

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Which Is Better The Kindle Or Apple’s iPad?

So, you’re in the market to purchase and Ebook reader but you can’t make up your mind as to whether you should by Apple’s IPad or Amazons Kindle?

Well the answer is simple if the main objective for buying one is because you love reading. Unlike the Ipad it was designed specifically so as to give the user a great reading experience. Sure you can read Ebooks on the IPad but  more likely than not you will develop eyestrain if you plan on doing a lot of reading, and that’s the whole purpose of buying one isn’t it?

Here are 6 good reasons why the Kindle is better at what it does.

  1. The Kindle has cheaper book prices
  2. The Kindle’s eInk screen is better for reading, 50% more contrast
  3. Kindle is lighter
  4. Kindle has better battery life
  5. Reading on Kindle is not distracting
  6. It’s slightly bigger than the IPad.

Pretty well the only drawback is that you can’t read the Kindle in the dark, but then it’s so much easier to read in full sunlight than the Ipad. Here’s a video telling you more about the Kindle.

As far as I’m concerned if you love to read and want something that won’t ruin the enjoyment of reading then the obvious choice would be the Kindle.

What Not To Do When Stock Market Trading

Let’s get one thing straight, I am by no means a stock market guru but I have been trading shares for years and I reckon I’ve learned a few things along the way. They weren’t cheap lessons either, some of these mistakes have cost me thousands of dollars and I thought that perhaps my posting this would save some of you from making the same errors.

The first error I ever made was being sucked into buying software that was meant to show me when to buy and sell the stocks. This software cost me thousands of dollars and it was very well marketed. Everything about it was very professional but I was a fool to believe that it could predict when it was the best time to get in or out, otherwise it would have been a bargain.

Another thing I learned over the years was not to invest in speculative shares. Honestly, unless you can afford to lose money I would leave these shares alone. Sure if you’re lucky enough to pick the right one you can make good money but more often than not they sit there doing nothing at all, they keep going down in value or worst scenario they go bust and you lose everything.

Another sore point about speculative shares is that not one of them ever produced any dividends which leads me to my next point.

When buying and selling shares many people suggest setting a ‘stop loss’ which is aimed at preventing you from losing too much money. The other reason is that if you incorporate this method you will always have money with which to trade. Say for example you don’t set a stop loss and the shares continue to go down, unless you want to sustain a huge loss your only option is to wait for the shares to go up. This means that you could well be missing out on other opportunities as all your money may be invested in those shares and if those shares are speculative stocks then you won’t be earning any dividend either.

I now prefer to deal with Blue Chip shares as these are a lot safer and you can also get a reasonable dividend from them if you’re forced to hold onto them.  My last few trades were with the National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) and Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) and on both occasions I was able to get in and out withing a couple of days netting myself a reasonable profit.

One important point I would like to make is that if you’re interested in share trading you really need to spend time to analyze the markets. I would never buy on an upward trend because with my luck the day I purchased the stock it would go down.

Another point is not to be greedy. If you sit there waiting for the stock to reach it’s pick you’re more likely to miss it and then have to sell for less. The same if you wait for it to hit the bottom, morel likely than not you’ll miss out again and then have to pay more for it.

Here are some good resources for further reading.

Hover your mouse over the links for more information.

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Great Xmas Ideas From The Latest In Technology

Wow, I can’t believe it was so long since my last post. It’s amazing how time goes by when you’re not paying attention to it. Oh well, it’s good to know that it’s still hear waiting for me to write a post.

As you would expect though things, other than this blog,  have not remained static as time went by. This is especially true in the science field. In the following video Mark Jannot, Editor in Chief of Popular Science Magazine, shows Chuck Scarborough a bunch of cool gadgets  that were named in the magazine’s “Best of What’s New”. It shows you some really interesting stuff, from an indestructible bike tire to the first HD 3D Camcorder for the consumer market.

  • Panasonic HDC-SDT750K, High Definition 3D Camcorder: This is the first HD 3D camera on the market and Amazon has it for under $1300. The fact that it’s a Panasonic means that you can expect a good quality product. This would make for good Xmas present.

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PC Running Slow? You Need TuneUp Utilities

I’ve decided to write this post because I wanted to tell people about a product I’m now using that has increased the speed of my PC. There used to be a time when I used to worry about how long it used to take running programs and stuff and so I spent ages deleting old files to free up space in order to get the old gal to go a little faster. No longer because now I’ve got a little utility to do it for me.

The program I use is called TuneUp Utilities and I’ve set it up to scan my computer every Friday. So, every Friday at 5.15 pm it searches the hard drive and corrects any registry problems, removes invalid shortcuts, frees up disk space and optimizes hard disk performance.  As you can see from the following image of the start page although my PC is fully optimized I have one problem that threatens my overall computer health. Clicking on the link tells me that I haven’t checked the hard drive for errors over the last three months and that I should check it for errors using Tuneup Disk Doctor which it’s now doing as I write this post.

I admit it, I’ve been slack because although it does a rudimentary cleanup of the system during it’s weekly checkup I do need to manually optimize it occasionally just so as to make sure it doesn’t delete files that I still need.

What I like most about it is it’s ease of use as everything works at a click of the mouse and whenever it comes across a problem it tells me clearly what it is and gives me a selection of solutions that will resolve the problem that is easy to follow. Just as an example, as part of the optimization process it presented me with a list of programs that were rarely used and upon my order removed them from the computer. A whole lot easier than going through the ‘Add Remove Programs’ Windows option.

So, just to summarize here are some of the tasks that TuneUp Utilities will do for you.

  • Secure data protection
  • Reliable data recovery
  • Dependable registry cleaning
  • User friendly controls
  • Simple and thorough 1-click maintenance
  • Individual Windows styling

If your computer isn’t running at it’s optimum level perhaps it’s time you tackled the problem by utilizing TuneUp Utilities arsenal and what better way than by making use of their free trial offer.

TuneUp  Utilities 2010 - Download Now!

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