How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From Flashing


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This has been driving me nuts. I’m currently running XP Home Edition and every time I start up my computer the icons on my desktop keep flickering. As if having the icons flashing on and off isn’t bad enough it also renders them useless as I can’t click on the to access the programs.

I searched the Internet high and low and after days of failure I finally came across something that worked. I’m posting it here because of the huge response I got from my iPod Touch post where I resolved an issue with Safari not working.

So, if you are having any of the following issues this solution may work for you.

  • Flashing or flickering desktop icons
  • Can’t click on the desktop icons because they keep flashing on and off
  • Random characters appear in notepad as you’re typing
  • Random characters appear in Word as you type
  • Can’t comment on blogs because as you’re typing the page just refreshes causing you to lose your comment. Man that is so annoying.
  • Because I had no idea what was causing the desktop icons to flash and because it happened suddenly I thought I had picked up a virus. Naturally I did a scan of the PC and it came up clean. Seeing as how that didn’t work I resorted to Google. Like I said at the beginning I tried for days but here are some if the search terms I used;

    • Why does commenting on WordPress Blogs cause the post to reload? That search was a bust so I tried.
    • Why do characters appear automatically in Word? That also didn’t come up with anything useful, so back to the drawing board.
    • How can I stop the icons from flashing on my desktop? Yep, that one gave me a lot of hits so I had to refine the search some by stating that I was using XP.

    What was so time consuming was that I had to try all the solutions to see if it would work and unfortunately I was striking out left right and center. I did everything from downloading and running malaware programs to hurling abuse at the monitor, none of which worked, although swearing at the computer did let off a little steam.

    I finally came across something that made no sense but I thought I would give it a try. Someone posted somewhere, I wish I made a copy of the link, that perhaps it all had to do with the PC’s display adapter. It turned out to be the correct fix, and if you’re having the same problem following these steps may fix it.

    1. Go to your control panel and click on system.
    2. Click on Hardware
    3. Click on Device Manager
    4. Click on the (+) next to Display adapters which will show you your current display adapter.
    5. Right click on that adapter and select Update driver…
    6. This will bring you to Hardware Update Wizard. Select the first option, Install the software automatically (Recommended) This may take awhile so be patient.
    7. Several drivers should come up and I selected the first one, which worked fine for me.

    That’s it, everything has been fine since. So if your icons are flickering on your desktop or your getting pissed because your commenting keeps getting interrupted by your page refreshing, perhaps all you need do is update your display driver.

    Edit: It happened again, and this time the above method did not work. Another fruitless search and then I started unplugging things to see if that made a difference. Guess what turned out to be the culprit? It was the damn keyboard. Everything stopped flashing once I unplugged the keyboard! I bought a new keyboard and everything is working as it should.

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    How To Create A Real Online Passive Income

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post on making money which is why I am so exited about this one. Even though I’ve written a Lens on Squidoo called Picking The Right Affiliate I’m still so exited that I wanted to share it with you guys as well.

    If you’re like me you’ve seen a lot of people out there promoting affiliates telling you that once you’ve joined you will open the door to making money. Unfortunately this rarely works because what usually happens is that they join and in turn start promoting the same affiliate in the hope that it will work for them. The means that nobody makes any money because they’re going about it all wrong. They are promoting the affiliate and not the product but you see the money is in the product!

    Then there are those affiliate marketers who promote a product, it could be anything from a web host to a blog theme and while they do make money it all depends on the amount of traffic they get and how many people they can persuade to buy a product. The problem with this kind of sale is its a one off, meaning that once they’ve bought the product they don’t need to go out and buy another one and so these marketers are constantly promoting and updating their sites in their efforts to make more sales.

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    So, it all comes to one question, are you ready to embrace this chance of earning a real passive income online?

    What with the price of electricity going through the roof and everyone getting on the global warming band wagon it’s no wonder that many people are turning towards LED light bulbs to light up their home. Incandescent light bulbs are so inefficient that many countries are considering banning them. The South Australian government actually banned shops from selling them earlier this year.

    While many people have resorted to fluorescent bulbs, which are a lot more efficient, they have a major flaw, and I’m not talking about the price which is offset by it’s efficiency in that they are so efficient they actually save you money. No, the flaw is that they contain mercury which makes disposing of them a problem, not to mention they present a danger to the occupants were they to break in the home.

    This brings us back to the LED bulbs. Although they are more expensive than the fluorescent bulbs they have come down in price and I predict as more are sold the price will come down even more. One also has to ask themselves can you set a price on saving the environment, which is why I think the government should subsidise them for a while to encourage people to switch.

    Naturally the greatest benefit of LED bulbs is their efficiency lasting up to 10 times longer than their fluorescent counterparts. They’re also a lot more durable, create less heat and are mercury free. As I learned today after discovering the Multi-Color E27 LED Light Bulb with Remote they can also be quite versatile. I was pretty amazed at the ways this bulb could be used.

    Light-emitting diodes are darn cool and have found uses in so many places – traffic lights, standard lightbulb sockets and high-powered flashlights to name a few. The Multi-Color LED Lightbulb is a super bright LED bulb that can transition through dozens of color and rightness combinations and is compatible with a standard lightbulb socket. The included IR remote can select an individual color or brightness level or choose one of four different transition effects. Great for mood lighting, decorating, parties or special lighting environments. It has four brightness level settings and four transition effects (long pause on each color, short pause, slow fade between colors, faster fade). The light is generated from a 5 Watt LED. *You can purchase extra light bulbs and use the same remote to control all of them as long as they are within range.

    Considering it lasts 10 times longer than the fluorescent bulb and it does all these other things then the current price of $23 looks so much better.

    In business, whether you operate online on in the real world offline, there is one essential thing that’s essential for making a sale, traffic. Naturally the best sort of traffic targeted traffic as it’s this type that is more likely to convert. Even so no sane businessman would turn away the casual visitor. This is because while they may be just browsing today they could be a potential customer tomorrow.

    Today I want to introduce you to a new way of generating traffic to your site. Sure it may not be targeted traffic but even so at best they are potential customers, at worst they’ll get your Alexa rating up which gives your site or blog a lot more credibility.

    I’m talking about the Zaparena Traffic Netwok! First off you need to join, a painless exercise and completely free, and then once a member you paste a tiny script on your blog. I’ve pasted one in the sidebar, right there on the top, and another in the footer. As you can see it is completely configurable. I’ve chosen to display beautiful scantily clad, or some may say near naked, women because these will generated the most clicks. Not at all surprising seeing as how sex sells and all. Generating clicks is essential in this network as the more people you send their way the more they will send your way, at a ratio of 2.5/1!

    There is on catch though but only a small one. You won’t start receiving any traffic until you generate 20 clicks which isn’t much to ask. There’s also an option that allows advertisers to place ads in the sequence and any clicks generated on those will earn you money. You also generate money by getting others to join up via your link. Once they’ve earned the 50 Euro threshold you receive 10 Euro for yourself, so you see this can be quite a lucrative venture.

    Copy Your DVD To DVD,iPod/iPhone, DivX or your PC.

    Not all that long ago I did the following post, Easy To Use DVD Copy Software, that was about some software that enabled you to make a copy of your DVD collection. Well that’s all well and good, but what if you wanted something that did a little more. What about something that is extremely easy to use that apart from being able to copy your DVD’s it can also be used for copying your DVDs to your iPod/iPhone, DivX or your PC.

    1Step DVD Copy could be just what you’re looking for. Although I haven’t tried it I’ve heard its amazingly fast and it creates copies in DVD, M4P, iPod/iPhone & DivX format in almost original quality at only 10% size.
    So you see, the integrated DVD writer function can do more than just write the movie onto a DVD.

    I know what you’re thinking, what if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for? Too easy, all you do is you take the trial version of 1Step DVD Copy for a spin. This way you can try it and if it does what you want it to do then you know you’ll be getting your moneys worth when you buy it outright.
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