A Lasting Online Memorial To Commemorate Your Loved Ones

When staring any business you need to look at the competition, to study what they offer and then see whether you can do it differently. You need to be able to offer your prospective customers something that will entice them over to your newly established business/site. Naturally you want it to be better but you can also win people over by offering something that they’re not offering.

When I lost my lovely sister-in-law, Josie Zollo, I wanted to leave a lasting memorial by posting an obituary of sorts online. After checking out a majority of online memorial sites I couldn’t find one that I really liked. I found the vast majority of free ones to be really tacky because they were surrounded by a whole heap of ads. You can’t knock them for having the ads either because they need to cover their expenses somehow.

Most of the paid memorial sites were completely automated, meaning that the memorials usually tended to look very generic. I also thought some of the prices to be over the top and although they offered a one time life fee at a cheaper rate who is to know how long that site will last. For all we know something could happen that would cause that site to go offline.

That was when I decided to start my own living memorial site and A Loving Memorial was born.

I plan to give people the personal touch. They can contact me via the website and together we can work out a memorial that they will be happy with.

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