Aussies love their sport. We’re actually a pretty athletic nation. Considering the size of the population and the pittance that the government puts towards helping out athletes we actually do quite well during sporting events like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Something else Aussie don’t mind doing is having a punt on our sports. Heck, if two flies knocked themselves out by flying into the wall they’d bet on who would hit the floor first.

Until recently I’ve never actually placed a bet on anything because I found it all too hard. I once tried doing via the phone but they wanted all this information and I had to jump through so many hoops I just gave up. I couldn’t be bothered to drive to the closes TAB so for years I didn’t bother.

Then it finally hit me! Why not find out if I there was a site online that would allow me to place a bet. The problem was so many sites and stuffed if I knew which one to choose. That’s where EZ eSports Betting came into play. Only sites that have been physical joined are recommended. There’s even a bet of the week¬†where you can see actual bets that have been made.

easy sports betting

Other interesting posts include Common Questions About Online Betting, Government Restrictions To Online Betting and How Much To Bet On A Sport Bet.

It’s also good to see the site is has problem gamblers in mind when publishing the post about gambling responsibly. It’s a shame that some people just can’t control themselves when it comes to gambling. It’s important for family members to be aware of a loved ones problem so they can stop it before it gets to be a real problem.

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